Thursday, November 3, 2011

I've got used to hear the echo of my steps, lonely down the street. No more fear of the dark. Do not look back to the shadows of the past. I do not need to wait around the corner. Bag up my stuffs, umbrella and a house key. I have my heels and my luck. However, in no hurry. The rush has caused me to walk very slowly when I really wanted to go fast. And this current lull, everything flies.

I've got used to the heat of my body on cold nights, as well as my cold feet on hot mornings. I like waking up in my company, sometimes nocturnal, solitude. The night,it's always been mysterious, magical, revealing.

I've got used to my commitments to my duties, all uncompromising, stacked. Fighting, and my ghosts surrounding me, laughing, worthless fight.

I've got used to myself. To my impulses. To my subtlety. At my routine insane. When my well being selfish. My my whole world. To my mirror image. In my day in, day out.

And now, I'm used to you, You came, as nonchalantly, in a cold lonely night, I still wonder how! WE!.. maybe I was waiting for you.
His eyes see through my soul... Strange, I still can't remember his face!
My eyes can't see him, my heart feels.
We are simply opposite. Judge me weak and I think insensitive in its extreme sensitivity.

There are few who understand me. Maybe none.
I'm nature.

When you're around, I feel like a child, tumbling, stammering, losing my mind... With the aroma in the air. With the sun on your face. The touch of your skin. Tickles.
I don't wanna get used to it.

A perfect picture...