Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Sometimes it surprises me that demonstrate ingenuity in a world that even knowing that there is no solution, try to fix, try to be better.
....fortunately many people are still keeping the hope of making this world a better place for our future children (lol), look around and you see lots of support and encouragement "go go ... you go right" (damn hypocrites)!

... as are all going to screw it to the street someone has to raise his voice to be listened to, like Archimedes shouting to modern reflection of a window that gives me back a distorted image of myself, "give me a fulcrum and I will move the world"...move the world?! I intend to move the world if I can not make those who are enthusiastic about my words move even an inch?

we hope to solve the problems, but we are unable to lift a finger, we are comfortably leveraged security offered to us and do not want to risk anything, we feel fortunate to be born in a privileged family and turn the light away when there is news we do not want to hear, not want our consciousness takes over and forces us to fight for a cause that neither us nor will we come (seriously believe that not going with us)... then they give to all!!

Someday you will realize that nobody is going to give anything away, that if we want something we have to fight for it, that equal opportunity is not a privilege, a right that we are here tomorrow we can be in the furthermore, and then we would like someone to do something...
but alas they will be too late to rectify.

Sometimes I feel embarrassed.